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The onward journey – How to get the most out of marketing design

Your campaign is live across multiple channels and another project can be ticked off the list. Or can it? There is a school of thought that the optimum running time for a campaign is 45 days based on theories of how much repetition a message requires before it is absorbed.


While you would not want your design concept to became stale through repetition, it is worth remembering that your organisation will grow tired of the latest campaign before your customers do, and the only way to assess its longevity is through feedback and measurement.

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There are so many ways now to measure campaign effectiveness that there is no excuse not to collect and analyse the data and review the impact of your carefully-crafted design concept. From Google analytics to social media dashboards, and from inbound content to marketing automation, it’s all there to help you with the next steps on your brand’s journey.

It might be useful for your creative agency if you can provide a de-brief on the impact of their work, especially if you foresee a long-term relationship working as part of an ongoing partnership. The greater understanding that designers have about the extent to which your objectives have been met the better, as it will help them to make informed recommendations in the future.

Your designer may also be able to help you in communicating with your internal audience on the objectives and success of their campaign. Internal marketing is just as important as getting through to your target audience, and enables colleagues to relate to the thinking behind campaigns and act as brand ambassadors.

While a brand refresh can be valuable for your next design project, don’t be tempted to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Once you know what works and have the core of your brand expression nailed down, you should aim to deploy consistency through design to build ongoing recognition and trust. To assist with this, the best design studios can offer a digital asset library where you can store your imagery and change it up as you move forward with new creative ideas. This way, you will have all the elements easily to hand for your next campaign.

Your agency should work with you to establish firm brand guidelines based on a forward-thinking brand strategy. This might start with a brand audit of all your design items and a review of print and online material to ensure that it all tells the same story. The outcome might prompt you to rationalise your concepts, preventing the necessity to reinvent the wheel each time you start on a new project.

In conclusion, don’t be tempted to start from ground zero with every new design. You hold a great deal of knowledge about your brand and this can help prevent you from going back to the drawing board at the start of each campaign. After all, how long have ‘holidays’ been ‘coming’ for Coca-Cola, or has John Lewis been ‘never knowingly undersold’, and how much are McDonalds ‘lovin’ it’?

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