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Tip 5: A supplier with the know-how - Top 10 tips to consider when outsourcing print management

Managed Print Services - Chapter 25. A supplier with the know-how

Like the idea of saving time and money on print? Making changes to the way you plan print runs and getting the pagination right can streamline the process and reduce costs.

The UK spends £14bn on print each year and there are 10,500 printing companies at your disposal. From digital to sheet-fed or web offset printing, the range of kit and capabilities is vast. Many printers do not own the full range of kit in-house and may outsource your job to another company, potentially without your knowledge.

A print management company owns no printing presses and will be completely open about its decision-making process in selecting the best printer for your job, taking direct responsibility for the quality and timeliness of the finished product. The advantage to you is that your entire job can be handled via a single contact.

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