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Tip 6: Dedicated to your business - Top 10 tips to consider when outsourcing print management

Managed Print Services - Chapter 26. Dedicated to your business

Print managers can advise on all aspects of print and production and may be able to look at the way you operate from a fresh perspective. Having a dedicated account manager is a definite bonus because, in time, your contact will get to know your business and be able to offer a strategic overview of all your requirements. For example, it always pays to consider whether you could print multiple items on identical stock at the same time, even if they are not all required for the same deadline. Types of paper say as much about your brand as what is printed on them and inconsistencies can affect perceptions.

If you’re co-ordinating stock choices, you may also benefit from placing bulk upfront orders to beat price increases at the paper mill. Print managers know when price hikes are looming and can leverage the best deals through their enhanced purchasing power.

Choosing appropriate promotional items and sourcing them at the best unit price is a challenging and time-consuming exercise. With hundreds of companies offering a bewildering array of discounts on bulk orders, you could benefit from the end-to-end service of a print manager who can source the right items for your brand.

But a good print manager is not simply focusing on price. They can act as an effective partner within your organisation, directing you towards efficient processes that save time, enabling you to reach the market more quickly, and to help you to ensure that you keep your promises to customers. This could extend from marketing campaigns and merchandise to the production of business-critical documents. A dedicated account manager will always be able to highlight options for continuous improvement. Furthermore, they will be standing by, always ready to respond if you need a quick response or a solution to a crisis.

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