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Tip 8: Protect Your Brand - Top 10 tips to consider when outsourcing print management

Managed Print Services - Keeping Track8. Protect Your Brand 

Your brand will be affected by customers’ perceptions of your print item. Think carefully about how it is printed, and the process for getting it out on time.

Environmental credentials count in print whether it is the source of your paper supplies or the materials used to produce your promotional merchandise.

It may help your brand credentials to use a supplier that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), demonstrating that you take environmental issues seriously and enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Of course, print is not limited to paper. Technology allows printing to be applied almost anything from vehicles to pencils. With the current focus on the use of plastics, you may need advice on recyclable or sustainable materials including for promotional items and clothing, from cotton to bamboo, and from metal to wood.

Download the full 'Top 10 Tips' here