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Tip 9: Load off your mind - Top 10 tips to consider when outsourcing print management

MOFU-BLOG-CHAPTER_49. Load off your mind

Ultimately, your print item or piece of promotional merchandise is worthless unless it reaches your customer at the right time. When specifying print requirements, you will need to factor in where stock will be stored and how it will be distributed.

Printers may want to deliver the entire consignment as soon as it is complete and may not have the space to retain it indefinitely. Print management companies can organise storage for you, and some even have their own warehouse where they can keep your items safe and secure until you need them.

If you have thousands of items bulk packed on pallets (BPOP), they might arrive stacked in bundles onto a pallet then shrink wrapped. Taking delivery of your stock at your premises requires the means to move heavy boxes, or even pallets, around.

Alternatively, you could receive a shipment of shrink-wrapped bundles where items are wrapped in a film and then sent through an oven that shrinks the film around them making them secure and less likely to be damaged. Items might be carton-packed in bundles before being shrink-wrapped onto pallets for extra protection.

A print management company will be able to help assist you with storage and logistics, so you can move your items to where they need to be including multiple locations.

Keeping track of printed items can be a huge headache but with online self-serve portals, you can call-off stock as required and keep track of where it goes, using data analysis to inform future print decisions.

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